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Lipogems® technology utilizes the innate healing potential of your own fat cells as a natural way to treat your joint pain. Highly trained physician, Peter Morgan, MD, offers the minimally invasive in-office Lipogems procedure for men and women at the Lone Star Vein Center with two locations in Pearland and The Woodlands, Texas. Fat contains many reparative cells and can relieve pain, enhance functioning, and promote a healing environment throughout your body. Lipogems can be an excellent alternative to knee surgery. Explore the benefits and call or click to book online.

Lipogems Q & A

What is Lipogems?

Dr. Morgan uses the sterile Lipogems medical device to harvest, concentrate, and transfer your own fat tissue. Lipogems offers a natural solution to relieve joint pain.

Your fat is composed of various cells, small blood vessels, a reticular fiber network, and connective tissue. Your fat cells have many natural reparative properties that help to promote a healing environment. No matter your age, your fat maintains its reparative properties, unlike other tissues, such as bone marrow that can lose some degree of healing capacity with aging.

Your body tissues are constantly working on self-repair, and your fat is a versatile tissue that plays an essential role in the way your body functions. Fat is a structural tissue that physically supports other tissues and organs or serves as a barrier, cushion, conduit, or cover.

The Lipogems procedure involves harnessing the innate healing properties of your own fat cells to relieve pain and enhance functioning, healing, and wellness.

How does Lipogems work?

The innovative Lipogems medical device gently washes your adipose tissue to create an injectable treatment that preserves the natural structural and regenerative properties of fat for cushioning and filling soft tissue defects in damaged or injured joints.  Your own fat is harvested in a minimally invasive procedure and mechanically processed in saline to maintain the natural beneficial characteristics of the tissue.

Dr. Morgan commonly uses the Lipogems procedure for joint pain. He harvests your fat from your love handles or abdomen and performs the Lipogems procedure with local anesthetic through a small incision in your skin.

Dr. Morgan uses a cannula to anesthetize subcutaneous fat tissue with a dilute solution of lidocaine, saline, or epinephrine. The saline solution helps to loosen the fat tissue ready for removal. He collects the adipose tissue with a vacuum syringe. Depending on the area being injected, he collects around 30 ml to 100 ml of fat.

The Lipogems device gently cleanses the adipose tissue of inflammatory impurities, such as blood and oil, using saline. The Lipogems device also resizes the adipose tissue until it’s the optimal size to inject into the injured, painful, or problem area. Dr. Morgan injects the minimally manipulated fat into the area, often with the use of image guidance.

Who is not a good candidate for Lipogems?

You're not a good candidate for Lipogems if you:

  • Have an allergy to lidocaine
  • Are currently breastfeeding or plan to begin breastfeeding soon
  • Are undergoing treatment for a malignancy
  • Have had a cortisone injection in the treatment site within the past three months
  • Have a current systemic infection
  • Have certain hematologic abnormalities
  • Are currently prescribed blood thinners or anticoagulant medications
  • Have certain medical conditions and autoimmune diseases

Lipogems is the right choice for you if you have trouble functioning during normal daily activities due to an ailment or condition. If steroids, NSAIDS, and other treatment options haven’t provided relief for your joint pain, Lipogems is an effective solution.

What are the benefits of Lipogems?

Dr. Morgan offers Lipogems as an upgrade to platelet-rich plasma therapy and an effective alternative to other treatment methods like knee surgery or medications that can pose unwanted risks and side effects.

Lipogems provides many benefits, including:

  • A reduced recovery time following an injury or trauma
  • Preserving the natural properties of your adipose tissue to naturally help your joints heal
  • Your body won’t reject your own tissue
  • A minimally invasive in-office procedure
  • Cushioning and support for your damaged tissues during the healing process

Lipofilling and the use of adipose tissue to fill musculoskeletal soft tissue defects or replace or supplement your own tissue is used often throughout the orthopedic and medical fields.

Learn more about how Lipogems can ease your joint pain and call Lone Star Vein Center or book online today.